Psychobiology offers an innovative approach for self development in the field of new awareness of personal growth and healing and that is now sweeping the planet.

It shares an integration of knowledge and modalities to help us identify and clear the emotional trauma behind a condition or a behavior addressing human being in its many dimensions.

Getting past your past

Through work, love, behavior we keep repeating patterns which draw to us the corresponding people and events in order to live the same situations over and over again. 

By finding the nature of stress related to the physical and psychological traumas punctuating our life and our family memories, we can decode our difficulties and get keys to healing.  Being aware of what we carry within is the first step to free ourselves and to unfold new possibilities in our life.

The survival mode of the brain

Would “dis-eases” be a physiological adaptation to an overwhelming stress?  

In this modality we consider a human being as a "triad": psyche, automatic brain and body. The disease is seen as the automatic brain's response to a specific stress that occurred in the person's life.   The modalities offers help to bring back to the surface emotions, beliefs or interpretations that have been recorded through specific circumstances that we are no longer aware of.   

A work in progress

In this work we aim to integrate any insights which could help us identify the automatisms which condition our physical and psychic life. The ultimate goal is to gain freedom and well-being by widening our consciousness and releasing or overcoming any limiting patterns that we carry without even being aware of.

By revealing the nature of the stress recorded through our personal and family history we obtain keys to overcome them, resolve them and favor healing.
  • Psychobiology- 3 level workshops

  • Tool Box, sharing practical works and experiences

  • Prenatal Life Influence's & Effects on our Life and the one of our Children

  • Overweight and Eating Disorders

  • Family Tree & Repetitive Life Cycles

  • Triads, Symbolic and Therapy Live Workshop


Psychotherapist, coach and trainer, Marie-Ginette’s experience led her to deepen several disciplines like Old Chinese Medicine Psychology, Neuro Activ Coaching, Sophrology and innovating concepts such as psychobiology, cellular memories and symbolic works.

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Marie-Ginette Rheault

A journey to self healing, awareness and development

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